About me


I'm a passionate film shooter and use all of the products I sell myself. I have an obsession with doing everything I can myself and finding the best, cheapest method that suits me most. This is how I came to respooling motion picture film and mixing my own Film chemicals. 

Most of the photos on this website were shot by me using products sold here. I develop using a Jobo CPE2 rotary processor. I scan my photos with my digital Olympus EM-5 Mark III. I then convert the negatives using the Lightroom add-on Negative Lab Pro. This way, I've managed to control the process of shooting from the spooling of the rolls to the final digital image, something I'm very happy with.

Outside of film photography I am a biology student at the University of Vienna, studying with a specialization in Botany. I also work part-time as a sports photogapher, which I do with my digital camera.


Instagram: @Otterfilm.at

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