The motion picture film stocks 500t and 250d can not be developed in every

regular film lab. The Remjet layer on the back of the film necessitates an extra step in

development. This is done by an increasing number of labs and usually does not

cost much more than regular developing. In Vienna I recommend the Garage Film

Lab, which develops ECN-2 every week. I can personally vouch for the quality

and professionalism of this lab.

ECN-2 Labs in Europe

This is a selection of labs known to me that develop ECN-2 film. If you know of any other labs that develop motion picture film, tell me so I can add them to the list.

Country Name
Austria Garage Film Lab
Austria Photo Cluster
Austria Fotospeed Lab
Austria Fotolabor Krzystov Wolzak
Germany Berlin, Film Speed Lab
Germany Berlin, Safelight
Germany Dresden, Foto Görner
Germany Frankfurt, On Film Lab
Belgium A Film Lab
Belgium Laboriver
Czech Republic Filmstore
Italy DP66
Italy Ghisa Film Lab
Lithuania Baltijas Foto Serviss
Netherlands Analog Space
Netherlands Nothing but the Grain
Netherlands Rotterdam, Camera Lisatie
Poland Czarno-Biale
Poland Jasna Ciemnia
Portugal Carmencita Film Lab
Portugal Sagrada Película Film Lab
Spain 1826 Film lab
Spain Amigou Lab
Spain Carmencita Film Lab
Spain Contado Pierde
Spain Fotocarrete
Spain Interphoto
Spain Revelab
Hungary Cafe Analog
Ukraine Fotovramke
Ukraine Photokava Film lab
Ukraine Photovision
Finland Martax Film Lab

ECN-2 Film can also be developed at home. For this, special ECN-2 kits are available, which include a step to wash away the remjet layer. Alternatively, I offer a remjet removal bath, which can be used in conjunction with any c41 developing kit. This will lead to slightly different results, but the quality is acceptable nonetheless. I may also sell ECN-2 developing chemistry in the future.

Ektachrome 100d is processed in the E6 slide process, which is the same as

Ektachrome E100 and Fujifilm slide films such as Velvia 50/100 and Provia 100f.

There is no additional remjet layer on the film.